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Acute head injury Thymoma- Classification- Histology- Prognosis. 2D Longitudinal Strain, 2D Strain Speckle Tracking, Non-ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction, Independent prognostic factor, Acute coronary occlusion. 3-methoxytyramine Ultrasound- twin pregnancy- fetal weight estimation - birth weight discordance . stress hyperglycemia; elderly; emergency department; epidemiology. Abscess Psoas abcess peritonitis, Primary psoas abscess; Psoas muscle; Ultrasonography; Child Abscess-Keratitis- epidemiology- risk factors Abdomen Scarred abdomen chromosome aberrations Abrikosoff Absenteeism - Medical students - Lectures absorptiometry Sexual abuse, care, impact, Ziguinchor, Senegal Acanthamoeba acanthocytosis care access Occupational accident, work-related activities accident, Death, Epidemiology, Prevention transient ischemic attack Stroke Stroke; Incidence; Mortality; Lethality; Population-based register; Algeria Sciatica – epidural injection – corticosteroid – pain – visual analogue scale. Motor-vehicle crash Domestic accidents- young children- Incidence- training valve-gated accidents risk factor Accidents, traumatisme, fracture, veine rénale, hématurie, nutcracker syndrome, CTscan, surveillance Delivery delivery, twin pregnancies, second twin, prognosis, morbidity childbirth, pregnancy, obstetric violence, anxiety, breastfeeding, mother-child ACE2 acenocoumarol, time in therapeutic range, anticoagulation Achromatopsia, Hereditarymaculopathy, Electroretinogram, Optical Coherencetomography Lactic Acid Amino acids, pathology; organic, acidurias; inborn errors of metabolism; incidence; epidemiology/Tunisia; retrospective study Fatty acids polyunsaturated fatty acids Diabetic ketoacidosis, insulin, intravenous bolus, emergency department. Primary distal renal tubular acidosis Klebsiella pneumoniae tinnitus actin smooth muscle Actinomycosis disease activity Physical activity; recreational swimming program; Executive control; Cognitive function; mental health. Activities of Daily Living - Aged - Disability - Prevalence - risk factors - multi-variable analysis - Tunisia Acupuncture – schizophrenia – antipsychotic -Tunisia. ADAMTS13 social adaptation Adaptation, breathing, cardiac variables, dynamic exercise, ergometric work, exercise, heat-out, maximum oxygen consumption, metabolism, sport, swimmer, ventilatory variables. Adenocarcinoma Signet ring cell carcinoma, Urinary bladder, Linitis plastica. adenocarcinoma of the rectum Mucinous adenocarcinoma Polymorphous low-grade adenocarcinoma Lung adenocarcinoma, classification, in situ adenocarcinoma Superficial adenocarcinoma; adenocarcinoma, lung, prognosis, 2015 WHO Colorectal carcinomas Basal cell adenoma Adrenal gland Addiction, Buprenorphine, Immigration, Injection drug use. Internet addiction, Problematic Internet Use, students, anxiety Adenocarcinoma adhesions mitochondrial DNA adolescent Adolescent – Evolution – Impact – Bipolar disorder Adolescent, Comorbidity, Depressive disorder adolescents epinephrine adult Adult, testis, blunt trauma, rupture, hematoma, echography, classification, reconstruction, orchidectomy Adult, Female, Early diagnosis, Breast neoplasm, general medicine Aeromonas spp, human infections, characteristics, Tunisia Osteoarticular disorders-elderly-common low back pain Northern Africa Black Africa Black Africa; cost; common low back pain Black Africa, neck pain, spondylodiscitis Agenesis Unilateral pulmonary artery agenesis; pulmonary hypoplasia; malformation; diagnosis; complications. Reproductive age Reproductive age; Women’s health; Cancer; Mortality; Verbal autopsy Maternal age Lung age; Smoking; Respiratory function; FEV1; FEV6 Age 40 and over-cesarean section Immunosuppressive agents GnRH agonists withdrawal aid kidney transplantation AIVOC Al-hijama albendazole alkaptonuria
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Tunisia treatment diagnosis Child surgery prognosis epidemiology Risk factors Children prevalence Crohn’s disease Breast cancer screening Cancer obesity
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