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La tunisie Medicale - 2021 ; Vol 99 ( n°06 ) : 638-643
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Inroduction : Smoking and tuberculosis are two major public health issues worldwide, particularly in emerging countries. Currently, the relationship between these two scourges is well established.
Aim: Describe the clinical, radiological and progressive features of common pulmonary tuberculosis in smokers.

Methods : Comparative study, carried out at the Pneumology department of the Hédi Chaker in Sfax, Tunisia, including 120 patients hospitalized for common pulmonary tuberculosis  from January 2014 to December 2016 and who completed their follow-ups for a minimum period of 2 years . The patients were divided into 2 groups: Group1 (G1) consisting of 60 smoking patients and Group 2 (G2) consisting of 60 non-smoking patients. To assess the severity of radiological lesions, we used the International Labour Organization classification for simple pneumoconiosis and the Brouet classification.
Results: The mean age of the patients was comparable in the two groups with a predominance of male for G1 (91%) and female for G2 (70%). The smokers consulted later (113 days versus 60 days (p=0.023). Dyspnea, hemoptysis and chest pain were significantly more frequent in the smokers. The radiological lesions were more serious in smoking group. Bilateral lesions were more observed in smokers (58% vs 25% p = 0.004). A positive association was noted between the extent of radiological lesions, stage 3 and 4 according to the Brouet classification, and smoking status (p <0.001). Similarly for the International Labour Organization classification for simple pneumoconiosis , the radiological lesions were more severe (scores 6 - 15) in the smokers (p <0.001).Smoking was associated with poor adherence (p <0.008), prolonged anti-tuberculosis treatment (p <0.001), delayed RBK negativation in sputum (p <0.001), and more frequent reactivation of tuberculosis (p=0.001). After the diagnosis of CPT, 83% of patients continued to smoke at the same rate and only 7% of patients had quit smoking.
Conclusion Smoking worsens CPT by making the clinical picture noisier, radiological lesions more aggressive, negativation of BK in sputum later, and reactivation of CPT more frequent.

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