Dalenda Chelli
Kaouther Dimassi
Souhir Jallouli-Bouzguenda
Essia Ebdellah
Feten Hermi
Bechir Zouaoui
Ezzeddine Sfar
Tania Kitova
Hela Chelli
Mohamed Badis Channoufi
Soumaya Gaigi


Ectopia cordis is a rare and impressive malformation presenting as an isolated lesion or as part of the Cantrell’s pentology syndrom. It is defined as an anomaly in which the fetal heart lies outside the thoracic cavity.
The aim of the study is to report the prenatal diagnostic features and management of ectopia cordis.
Case report : We report a prenatal diagnosis case of ectopia cordis using two-dimensional ultrasound at 19 weeks of gestation. Multiple congenital anomalies were found. The most important one was the presence of a ventral thoracoabdominal wall defect with exstrophy of the heart, liver, stomach and intestines. Histopathological examination confirmed the ultrasound findings. Due to severity of the malformations, termination of pregnancy was made.


Ectopia cordis, ultrasonography, Extrathoracic heart, prenatal diagnosis



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