Rim Lakhdhar
A. Berrais
Med Akram Drissa
Mehdi Cheour
Najoua Essefi
Habiba Drissa


Background : Diffuse pulmonary ossification is a rare entity with unknown pathogenesis. It presents with the formation of mature bone within the pulmonary parenchyma. Pulmonary ossification can be idiopathic or associated with diffuse and chronic lung disease, system disorders or heart disease essentially mitral stenosis.
Aim: We report a case of a 49 year-old woman with long standing mitral stenosis.
Case: The patient had undergone a valve replacement with a mechanical prosthesis. She complains from dyspnea on exertion and dry cough. Frontal chest radiograph shows bibasilar confluent calcific areas of increased opacity. Computed tomography scans confirmed the presence of ossified acinar clusters. Other aetiologies of diffuse pulmonary ossification were eliminated by different complementary exams.
Conclusion : Diffuse pulmonary ossification is slowly progressive. Patients are generally asymptomatic or complain from mild symptoms. Most cases are of diffuse pulmonary ossification are diagnosed during autopsy. Establishing a prognosis is difficult as few living cases are diagnosed.


Mitral valve, mitral stenosis, pulmonary ossification



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