Mohamed Ali Sbai
Walid Balti
M. Boussen
S. Sallemi
Samia Chatti
Messaoud Tebib


Background : Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the lateral nail fold is rare, it has been suggested that trauma, roentgen radiation, arsenic exposition, dyskeratosis and infections (HPV) are risk factors for the development of these carcinoma.This tumour is mostly a slow growing and low grade malignancy which rarely metastasis.Early diagnosis by biopsy, especially in patients with predisposing factors, may lead to treatment and prevent the tumour from metastasizing.
Aim: Report of new case.
Case: We report one case of (SCC) of the lateral nail fold of the thumb in a 66 year old man, treated with local excision; function and cosmetic results are more acceptable. A review of the literature was made in order to precise the epidemiological, diagnostic and therapeutic characteristics.


carcinoma, Squamous cell, Nail fold, Surgical treatment



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