Ayadi L.
Chaari C.
Masmoudi A.
Khabir A.
Masmoudi A.
Ellouze Z.
Turki H .
H Keskes.
Frikha M.
Makni S.
Sellami Boudawara T.


Background: Melanomas of digit is rare, accounting for 1% of all cutaneous melanomas. We report a new case,
Aim : Our purpose is to discuss the clinicopathological characteristics and the difficulties encountred in establishing diagnosis of this rare tumor.
Observation: we report the case of a 25 years old woman, Who consulted for nodular and ulcerated lesion of the right index, located in the external face of the metacrapo-phalangial joint. The nodule was biopsied and histopathologic exam concluded to spitzoid melanoma. The surgical margins were involved. The patient refused surgical recovery. She consulted 3 years later with axillary lymph nodes. A wide excision of the tumor with lymph node biopsy were made. Histological study concluded to a tumoral residu incompletely excided with lymph node metastases. Amputation of the second digit with dissection of the axillary lymph nodes was made. The surgical margins were tumor free. Lung metastases appeared with a follow up of tow months. The patient died early after starting chemotherapy with Deticen.
Conclusion: In our report, clinical presentation was misleading causing a diagnosis and therapeutic delay. Pathologically, all the histological types of melanoma were described in the digit except spitzoid melanoma.


Spitzoid mélanoma, diagnosis, histopathology



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