Najla Khammassi
Jihéne Chrifi
Dorsaf Mohsen
Haykel Abdelhedi
Med Najib Tougourti
Zohra Hassen
Mohsen Hamza


Background : The cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection is most often asymptomatic, serious forms are confined to immunocompromised.
Aim : We report a new case of post-transfusionnel hepatitis CMV of fatal outcome.
Case: A 83 year old man, asthmatic known for 26 years treated by corticosteroids, without particular hepatic antecedents, has presented an acute hepatitis post-transfusionnel CMV of fatal outcome.
Conclusion:The authors suggest widening the indications of transfusion with the blood without leucocytes to the old persons, fragile and/or whose immunizing status is precarious.


Cytomegalovirus, hepatitis, transfusion



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