Leila Mnif
Ali Amouri
Mohamed A Masmoudi
Amin Mezghanni
Naourez Gouiaa
Tahia Boudawara
Nabil Tahri


Background : Colonic lipomas are benign adipose tumors which are usually submucosal. Small lesions are asymptomatic and may be detected incidentally. Large lipomas can cause symptoms.
Aim : We report a case of symptomatic giant colonic lipoma
Observation :A 67-year old woman was admitted to hospital with persistent abdominal pain, for which a barium enema showed a large polypoid mass occluding the lumen of the transverse colon. Colonoscopy revealed a tumor narrowing the bowel lumen of about 5 cm in diameter with a sessile appearance and ulcerated overlying mucosa. The possibility of colonic malignancy could not be precluded and an operative resection was performed. Pathological examination revealed a colonic lipoma. Twelve months after the surgery, the patient was free of symptoms.
Conclusion: Awareness of the possibility of colonic lipomas is important for clinicians in terms of evaluation of therapeutic regimen.


Colonic, lipoma, malignancy, diagnosis, therapy



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