Bouchlaka A
Ben Abdallah M
Ben Aissa R
Zaanouni E
Kribi L
Smida S
M'barek F
Ben Hamida A
Boussen H
Gueddana N


Objective : To asses and analyse the results of 3 years large scale mammography screening of breast cancer in Ariana state in Tunisia
Materials and methods : This program, managed by the Family and Population National Office, was addressing to women aged from 49 to 69 years old residing in a area with adds up a population of 459 700 inhabitants including 52 729 women in the target age population. The screening was including a breast clinical examination and a mammography with two incidences face and external profile. The women was invited at their residence or were sensitized in the reproductive health centers, care and base health centers or by a close relation which heard of the program. An enlightened assent was submitted to the women who wished to profit from the screening.
Results : In three years, 9093 mammography were carried out of which 8244 were retained in the analyses, that is to say a rate participation of 9,6%. The rate of women recalled for suspect test was of 18,1% and it was of 13,1% among women of more than 50 years. The rate of practiced surgical biopsies was of 0,5% and the positive predictive value was of 45,5%. The average time between the date of screening and the result of the screening was 9,7 days, more important in the event of tests requiring a complementary assessment (61,7 days). On the whole 40 cancers were detected by the program, that is to say a rough rate of detected cancers, of 4,9 ‰, in conformity with the recommendations. The percentage of invasive cancers ² 10 mm was of 24,3 whereas percentages of in situ cancers
and of cancers without ganglionic invasion were respectively of 7,7% and of 50,0%.
Conclusions : The weakness of our study lay primarily in the rate of participation which remained weak. The methodology adopted for the sensitizing of the women is proven not very effective and did not allow inviting all eligible women. Results of the study are encouraging in spite of its limited impact and made it possible to
detect an important rate of cancers of which cancers infra-private clinics.


Screening, mammography, breast cancer, evaluation, results, Tusnisia



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