Olfa Essais
Jabrane Jabrane
Radhia Bouguerra
Jalila El Atti
Chiheb Ben Rayana
Sadok Gaïgi
Claude Ben Slama
Béchir Zouari


The aims of the study were to study the distribution of cholesterol and triglycerides and to assess the prevalence of dyslipemia in Tunisian adult population.
Methods : The Tunisian National Nutrition Survey (TNNS) was a cross sectional study performed on a total of 7860 adult subjects and was conducted on1996-1997. The TNNS included 3087 adults over 20 years old.
Results : The mean values of cholesterol (CT) were more elevated in urban than rural area (p<0,001), and in females than in males (p<0,007). The overall prevalence of hypercholesterolemia (CT > 6,2 mmol/l) was 8,4% and that of hypertriglyceridemia (TG > 1,70 mmol/l) was 21%. The prevalence of borderline high cholesterol (³5,2 - < 6,2 mmol/l) was 17% ; These prevalences were more elevated in urban than rural areas (p < 0,001) and increased with age in both genders (p < 0,001). The multiple adjusted odd ratio of the prevalence of hypercholesterolemia showed a positive correlation with female sex (OR 1.40 p < 0,01), high waist circumference (OR
2.51 in men and 3,04 in women p < 0001) and urban residency (OR 1.35 p = 0,03).
Conclusion: Our study showed the metabolic consequences of westernization style life in our country and should be the starter to preventive adequate policy.


hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia, prevalence, central obesity, epidemiology



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