Hichem Jerraya
Riadh Bel Haj Salah
Khalil Ben Mena
Karim Haouet
Abdeljelil Zaouche


Background : Gastrointestinal stromal tumours are a large category of primary no epithelial neoplasms of the digestive tract. The localization of stromal tumours in the ampulla of Vater (STAV) is very rare.
Aim :The aim of this study was to describe clinical, endoscopic and therapeutic particularities of STAV.
Methods : We reported a new case and we carried out an extensive electronic search for the relevant literature using Medline. Key words used were “ampulla of Vater” and “Gastrointestinal stromal tumor” and “CD 117”. With our case, we collected seven other cases in the literature.
Results :The analysis of the sample of these eight cases leads us to propose the following conclusions. STAV is a tumor of adult after the age of fifty. There is no specific symptomatology. Gastroduodenal endoscopy with biopsies and immunoassaying allows positive preoperative diagnosis in the 5 cases. Treatment should be duodenopancreatectomy since the tumor is often malignant (5 cases).


Ampulla of Vater, Gastrointestinal stromal tumor, CD 117



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