Dalenda Chelli
Kaouther Dimassi
Mouna Bouaziz
Soumaya Manai
Zouaoui Béchir
Ezzeddine Sfar
Héla Chelli
Mohamed Badis Chennoufi


Background : Cervical pregnancy is the rarest of ectopic pregnancy. The classical treatment remains hysterectomy, in particular when diagnosis is made late. The possibilities of more and more premature diagnoses, sometimes before any clinical expression, let suspect the possibility of conservative treatments.
We report two cases of medical treatment for early diagnosed cervical pregnancies.
Aim : Through a review of the literature, we resume diagnostic criteria and various therapeutic possibilities.
Case reports: The two cases were diagnosed in the first trimester. The treatment consisted in intramuscular administration of methotrexate. The first patient had ultrasound-Guided feticide before the administration of methotrexate.
Conclusion: Actually, vaginal ultrasound allows early diagnosis of cervical pregnancies, even before the beginning of vaginal bleeding. This advancement allowed conservative treatment. In this situation, current citationsRaw is the methotrexate to which can be associated an intracardiac potassium chloride injection in case of embryo positive heart activity.


Ectopic pregnancy, Cervical pregnancy, Ultrasound, methotrexate



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