Olfa Ben azouz
Lamia Dellagi
Olfa Ben azouz
Ines Johnson
Oussama Kebir
Isabelle Amado
Karim Tabbane


Back ground: Despite progress in chemo-therapeutics, schizophrenia remains a chronic disease with occurrence of residual symptoms and drug resistance in 60% of the cases. Besides, cognitive impairment is frequent and highly correlated to social dysfunction seen in patients with schizophrenia. Several cognitive
remediation programs have been elaborated. REHACOM ® is one of such programs.
Aim of the study is to evaluate through a case control the efficiency of REHACOM ® towards cognitive functions.
Methods: This program has been administered to a patient suffering from undifferentiated schizophrenia which was ameliorated after drug therapy considering positive symptoms but still was complaining from cognitive deficits causing social withdrawal.
Results: After following the remediation program, the patient was ameliorated considering its negative symptoms as attested by an amelioration of the PANSS negative score and considering its cognitive performances on memory, attention and executive functions. We have also noticed an improvement in his self-esteem
and his quality of life.
Conclusion: This first trial of a cognitive remediation program among our patients suffering from schizophrenia using REHACOM® was encouraging. Enlarging its use and designing controlled studies will be the next step of our study.


Schizophrenia, cognitive remediation, REHACOM



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