Sarrah Kastalli
Sihem El Aïdli
Amel Chaabane
Radhia Amrani
Riadh Daghfous
Chalbi Belkahia


Background : Metformin is an oral antihypoglycemic drug. Its cutaneous side effects are rare and photosensitivity had not been reported.
Aim : Case report
Case report : We report 3 cases (a man and two women) of photosensitivity induced by metformin, notified to the Tunisian National Centre of Pharmacovigilance. Onset of the reaction was respectively 22 days, 4 months and 4 years. Daily dose of metformin varied from 1 to 2 tablets. Cutaneous lesions were located in sunexposed sites in all cases with extension to the back in one case. Lesions were eczematous in two cases and erythematous in one case. Lesions healed after stopping metformin in all cases with positive rechallenge in the 1st case.
Conclusion : In patient treated by metformin, occurrence of photosensitivity can be related to this drug.


Photosensitivity, metformin, oral antihypoglycemic drugs, adverse drug effect



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