Nadia El Fekih
Faten Zéglaoui
Asma Sioud
Bécima Fazaa
Monia Kharfi
Sadok Gaigi
Ridha Kamoun


Introduction :Bullosis diabeticorum is a rare characteristic complication of diabetes mellitus; it affects 0.5% of diabetics. Bullosis diabeticorum is a manifestation of complicate and longstanding diabetes mellitus. The aim : of our study was to describe
particularities of diabetes in patients suffering of this disease.
Patients and method : We have led a retrospective study covering a 5 year-period (January 2001- December 2007) in the dermatology department of the Charles Nicolle’s hospital in Tunisia. We selected for this study all cases of bullosis diabeticorum.
Results : During the studied period, 10 cases have been collected. They were in all cases about complicate and long-standing diabetes. Bullosis diabeticorum has a favourable outcome in all cases with symptomatic treatment
Comments : The different cases of bullosis diabeticorum reported in our series were associated to complicate diabetes mellitus what lets suggest that vascular deteriorations led to cutaneous fragility responsible for the skin cleavage.


Diabetes, bullosis diabeticorum



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