Chiraz El Fekih
Nadia Ouerdiane
Mechaal Mourali
Seddik Oueslati
Boujemaa Oueslati
Naoufel Binous
Mounira Chaabène
Nabil Ben Zineb


Background: Prenatal diagnosis of fetal megacystis particularly in the first trimester requires assessement of pronostic and aetiologycal criteria.
Aim : Report a new case
Case: we report a case of severe megacystis in female fetus diagnosed at 23 weeks of gestation. There are no other associated ultrasound findings. Fetal karyotyping was normal (46XX). Termination of pregnancy for medical indications was realised because of progressive enlargement of the fetal bladder. Post-mortem examination shown megacystismicrocolon- intestinal hypoperistalsis syndrome.
Conclusion: Fetal megacystis is a severe condition when diagnosed early in pregnancy. Ultrasonography follow-up and fetal karyotyping are important to evaluate prognosis.


Fetal megacystis, prenatal diagnosis, ultrasonography



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