Wael Rebai
Fadhel Fterich
Amin Makni
Rachid Ksantini
Haykel Bedioui
Amine Daghfous
Faouzi Chebbi
Mohamed Jouini
Adel Ammous
Montasser Kacem
Zoubeir Ben Safta


Aim: the purpose of this study was to determine the epidemiological and clinical behaviour of the superficial adenocarcinoma of the stomach, to clarify its pathological characteristics, therapeutic as well as his its prognosis.
Methods: Over a period of 14 years (1990-2004), 16 patients were operated for a superficial gastric adenocarcinoma among 155 gastric cancers treated during the same period in the service of general surgery “A” La Rabta.
Results: The superficial gastric adenocarcinoma represented 10.3 % of our series. The mean age was 59 years. It was about 8 men and 8 women. Two patients was followed for a chronic stomach ulcer, a patient is followed for Biermer anaemia and another one for Menetrier disease. Among these cancers, 12 were intra mucosal and 4 invaded the submucousa . Lymph node involvement was present only in one case. The cancer was located in the antrium in 8 cases and
was multifocal in 3 cases. One patient died in postoperative case because of a medical cause. The 5-year-overall survival was 65,6 %. The recurrence had interested only one patient.
Conclusion: the superficial gastric adenocarcinoma is rare. The follow up of precancerous states allows its diagnosis. The treatment is based on the gastric resection associated to the D1-type lymph node clearance. The multifocal character imposes a surveillance ofthe remaining gastric stump.


Superficial adenocarcinoma;, Stomach, Gastrectomy, Prognosis



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