Semiological profile of gout in patients with AA, AS and AC hemoglobins


Owonayo Oniankitan
Eyram Fianyo
Prénam Houzou
Komi C. Tagbor
Moustafa Mijiyawa


Background : Higle prevalence of hemoglobines and in black africa are linked to rhumatical disease.
Aim : Assement difference of clinical patterns and risk factors of “goutte” according to hemoglobine type during rhumatismal consultation at Lomé - Togo-.
Methods : Description and retrospective study during 17 years.
Methods : Description and retrospective study during 17 years. Results: 14092 patients were examined 1,5% (210 men and 4 women) had “goutte” these follow up ranges between 1 mmonth to 34 yeears seven patients had no risk. 207 pateints had at least one risk factor. Alcoholism, obesity, and arterial hypertension are major risk factors observed.
Conclusion:Hemoglobins AS and AC had no influence on the semiology of “ goutte”.


Black Africa, Sickle cell disease, Gout



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