Pulmonary metastases revealing choriocarcinoma


Leila El Fekih
Hela Hassene
Soraya Fenniche
Hajer Ben Abdelghaffar
Dalenda Belhabib
Mohamed Lamine Megdiche


Background: Uterin choriocarcinoma is a trophoblastic tumour characterised by high metastasis potential. Pleuropulmonary metastasis can reveal rarely the neoplasm.
Aim : Repport a new case.
Case report: We report the case of a 31 years- old woman, with no pathological antecedent, admitted in our department for thoracic pain and haemoptysis occurring two months after delivery of a did in child-birth. Chest X ray and thoracic CT scan showed several bilateral opacities.
 A diagnosis of metastatic choriocarcinoma was confirmed by plasmatic level of ß human chorionic gonadotrophin (ß HCG) superior to 4000 UI/ml. Gynaecological exam revealed latero-uterine mass. Abdomino-pelvien ultra sound and CT scan showed tissular latero uterine and hepatic masses. Brain CT scan had been normal.
Patient did after 3 cures of chemotherapy because of acute respiratory failure caused by massive pulmonary embolism.
Conclusion: Diagnosis of choriocarcinoma must be evocated in front of several pulmonary opacities occurring in genital activity women and necessities the dosage of level of ßHCG.


Choriocarcinoma, Lung, Metastasis, Chemotherapy



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