A case of an acute pancreatitis after endoscopic band ligation of oesophageal variceal: A fortuitous association or an unusual complication?


Lamia Kallel
noursaf Bibani
Olfa Azaiez
Haykel Bedioui
Kais Nouira
Jalel Boubaker
Emna Mnif
Zoubeir Ben Safta
Azza Filali


Background : endoscopic band ligation is considered as the gold standard of treatment for oesophageal varices. Fewer and often mild complications can occur.
Aim: To report and to discuss an association between oesophageal variceal endoscopic band ligation and actue pancreatitis.
Case report: we report the original case of a patient with cirrhosis and who had presented an acute pancreatitis 3 days after oesophageal variceal endoscopic band ligation. Common aetiologies of acute pancreatitis was eliminated. The evolution was favourable without specific treatment.
Conclusion : In the absence of similar case reports, the association between oesophageal variceal endoscopic band ligation and acute pancreatitis observed in our patient remains rather fortuitous even though experimental studies can explain these association.


Acute pancreatitis, Oesophageal variceal endoscopic



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