Perigénital hematoma. Diagnosis and management


Dorra Zeghal
Mehdi Kehila
Sami Mahjoub
Foued Ben Brahim
Hatem Rajhi
Faouzia Zouari


Objectives: Discuss the clinical aspects and the management of perigenital hematoma, a rare complication of delivery that can engage the vital prognosis.
Cases: We report 4 cases of peri-genital hematomas recorded in the department C of obstetrics and gynecology, in the maternity center of Tunis. In two cases, the patients had only medical treatment and in the two others arterial embolisation was performed.
Conclusion: The diagnosis is evoked in front of an unexplained hemorrhagic choc with perineal pain. Upon diagnosis, the patient must be rapidly managed associating resuscitation, surgery and angiographic embolisation.


Genital hematoma, , Post-partum hemorrhagia, Embolisation



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