Chondrosarcoma of sinonasal cavity: a case report and brief literature review


Salima Kharrat
Samia Sahtout
sahbi Tababi
Safa Temimi
Meriem Ben Miled
Wafa Abid
Rim Zainine
Kais Nouira
Emna Menif
Najeh Beltaief
Ghazi Besbes


Background : Chondrosarcomas are slow-growing malignant tumors that usually arise from cartilaginous structures. It may occur in the head and neck region with a predilection for the maxillofacial skeleton, where it has been reported to occur particularly in the mandible and maxilla. Chondrosarcoma of the sinonasal tract is very
Case : We present the case of a 43-year-old man presenting with an incidental finding of a chondrosarcoma of the maxillary and ethmoid sinus with nasal extension. The tumor was completely resected using a transnasal endoscopic approach. Treatment has followed by a radiation therapy and the patient was considered free of disease at her 5 years follow-up.
Conclusion: Surgery is the mainstay treatment of chondrosarcomas. In selected patients, complete resection can be achieved using transnasal endoscopic approach.


Chondrosarcome, Sinus, Cavité nasale



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