Phenotype and mutational spectrum in Tunisian pediatric gaucher disease


Hadhami Ben Turkia
Imen Riahi
Hatem Azzouz
Saloua Ladab
Wafa Cherif
Amal Ben Chehida
Mohamed S. Abdelmoula
Catherine Caillaud
Jalel Chemli
Sonia Abdelhak
Neji Tebib
Marie F. Ben Dridi


Background: Gaucher disease (GD) is a sphingolipidosis with heterogeneous phenotypic expression. The vital and / or functional prognosis may be threatened by an early visceral severe involvement in type 1 or a neurological degeneration in the more rarest neuroneupathic forms. The phenotypic and genotypic data regarding Gaucher disease are poorly known in Maghrebian countries; they are even less for pediatric forms. The aim of the study is to highlight the specific phenotypic and genotypic changing among the widest Gaucher pediatric cohort in the Tunisian population. Methods:a restrospective study of a sample oh children in voluved by gaucher disease.
Results: Twenty one cases of GD were identified, divided into 13 cases with type 1, 5 with type 3 and 3 children with acute neurological form. The first symptoms occurred before 1 year age in one third of patients with type 1GD. The clinical phenotype was severe according to the high severity score index and proportion of growth retardation. Portal hypertension was found in 8 patients. Three type 3 GD patients died before occurrence of the neurological signs. The phenotype was intermediate between the classic type 2 GD and its perinatal lethal variant. Three patients were treated with enzyme replacement therapy and 4 others had allogenic bone marrow transplantation with a favorable outcome. Three mutations dominate the genotypic spectrum of GD in this cohort. Additionally to the N370 mutation, L444P and RecNciI mutations seem to occur more frequently compared to the GD forms presenting in adulthood.
Conclusion: This data confirm the particular severity of Gaucher disease manifesting in childhood. This was enhanced through the high frequency of severe mutations. Further studies on largest cohort are needed to more clarify the phenotypic and genotypic features of Gaucher disease in Tunisia.



Gaucher disease, Childhood, Genotype, Bone marrow transplantation, Enzymatic replacement therapy



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