Effect of smoking on the clinical and allergological profile of contact dermatitis


Asma Gaddour
Chayma Sridi
Asma Chouchane
Amene Moussa
Olfa El Maalel
Aicha Brahem
Maher Maoua
Houda Kalboussi
Imene Kacem
Souhail Chatti
Najib Mrizak


Introduction: Several clinical and epidemiological data point to a possible link between smoking exposure and contact dermatitis (CD).

Aims: To identify the clinical and epidemiological differences of CD in smoking and non-smoking subjects, and to determine the influence of smoking on the allergological profile of CD.

Methods: Retrospective descriptive study of all patients who consulted the Department of Occupational Medicine and Occupational Pathology of the Farhat Hached University Hospital of Sousse (Tunisia) during a period of 8 years for exploration of CD and who were tested with the European Standard Battery (ESB).

Results: A total of 767 patients were enrolled during the study period, 40% of whom were smokers. The group of smokers was characterized by a male predominance (p=10-3) and a greater professional seniority compared to non-smokers (p=0.01). Personal history of atopy was predominant in non-smokers (p=0.02). Among the ESB allergens, there was a significant association between smoking and CD due to metals (chromium, cobalt) and conservatives. After binary logistic regression, the variables associated with smoking exposure were male gender (OR=12.12 ; 95% CI=[6.07 - 24.21]; p=10-3), Kathon CG allergy (OR=3.69 ; 95% CI=[1.24 - 10.81]; p=0.018), and right hand involvement (OR= 2.83; 95% CI=[1.29 - 6.17]; p=0.005).

Conclusion: Our study revealed an effect of smoking on the clinical and allergological characteristics of CD.


Contact dermatitis, smoking, eczema, patch test, allergy



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