Ludwig’s Angina


Hela Chaabouni
Rim Bechraoui
Maamoun Kriaa
Rim Zainine
Ghazi Besbes


Ludwig's angina is a severe diffuse cellulitis that presents an acute onset and spreads rapidly and bilaterally. It can affect the submandibular, sublingual or submental spaces resulting in a state of emergency. Early diagnosis and urgent management could be a life-saving procedure. We report a case of wide spread sialadenitis infection extending to the neck with trismus and elevation of the floor of the mouth that caused an obstruction of the airway and resulted in an inspiratory dyspnea and a stridor. The patient was directed to maintain the airway by elective tracheostomy. An appropriate use of parenteral antibiotics, airway protection techniques, and potential surgical drainage of the infection remain the standard protocol of treatment in advanced cases of Ludwig's angina. The aim of this case report is to emphasize on the importance of early diagnosis and appropriate management of Ludwig’s angina.


Ludwig’s angina, antibiotics, anaerobic bacteria, surgical decompression, tracheostomy



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