The assessment of Golden and Red Proportions among a North-African population


Rim Kallala
Yosra Gassara
Behaeddine Garrach
Soumaya Touzi
Belhassen Harzallah


Introduction:  The constant increase of both esthetic demands and advancement in materials and technologies have led to the development of guidelines to achieve optimal aesthetic results. These tools are useful to predict the teeth proportion and dimensions. Golden and Red proportion are the most described theories.

Aim: of present study was to evaluate the existence of both Golden and Red proportion in the maxillary anterior teeth among a North-African population.

Methods: This was an observational study performed at the Fixed Prosthetic department of the dental clinic of Monastir, Tunisia. The study included participants with full intact anterior dentition. Those with diastema or teeth crowding were excluded. For each one, an alginate impression was done. Measures were, including the perceived width and length, have been taken on casts using digital caliper. Width ratios of maxillary lateral incisor to maxillary central incisor and lateral incisor to canine were calculated.

Results: The study included 100 Tunisian participants including 97 females and 21 males. The maxillary central incisors were the largest (8.60±0.58mm) and the longest (99.71±1.14mm). The ratio was 0.89±0.09mm. Anterior teeth dimensions were not statistically not different between males and females. Significant differences were observed between calculated ratios with GP and to each other’s. (p=0). 

Conclusions:  Either GP nor RP is applicable amongst the Tunisian Population.


Dental esthetic, Incisor, Teeth, Tunisia



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