Development of a guideline for the use of ultrasonography in rheumatoid arthritis: Preliminary recommendations


Saoussen Miladi
Hiba Boussaa
Kawther Ben Abdelghani
Houda Ajlani
Assia Haddouche
Samy Slimani
Abdellah El Maghraoui
Rachid Bahiri
Ahmed Laatar


Aim: To address the protocol of recommendations for the use of ultrasonography (US) in the management of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in routine practice.

Methods: The present study is a protocol design for practical guidelines. Based on a systematic literature review, the scientific committee (composed of 6 experts on US) decided on key questions which will be used to develop recommendations. These recommendations will be submitted to a group of experts in US in rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases using the Delphi method. This step will lead to preliminary recommendations. The next step will be to submit the preliminary guideline to an expanded group of US experts to check their relevance. The level of agreement of the experts will be recorded during a web-based meeting.

Results: Following two rounds of the Delphi method, a consensus will be addressed. The latter will i) Highlight the use of US for the diagnosis of RA in an early stage of the disease; ii) Define the role of US during follow-up; and iii) Underline the importance of US for the management of clinical remission.

Conclusion: These recommendations will harmonize and optimize clinical practice and management of RA patients.


Diagnostic Imaging, Practice Guidelines, Rheumatic disease


Author Biographies

Hiba Boussaa, Department of Rheumatology, Mongi Slim hospital, Tunis ,Faculty of Medicine of Tunis- University Tunis El Manar- Tunis- Tunisia




Kawther Ben Abdelghani, Department of Rheumatology, Mongi Slim hospital, Tunis, Faculty of Medicine do Tunis- University Tunis El Manar- Tunis- Tunisia, North African rheumatology imaging expert committee



Houda Ajlani, Ben Arous hospital, Tunisia, North African rheumatology imaging expert committee



Assia Haddouche, Department of rheumatology, Ben Aknoun specialized hospital in the musculoskeletal system. Algiers 16306, Algeria, North African rheumatology imaging expert committee




Samy Slimani, Atlas clinic of rheumatology. 81, cite 500 logements, Batna 05000, Algeria, North African rheumatology imaging expert committee



Abdellah El Maghraoui, Rheumatology private office, Mohamed V, Av Bait Lahm St. ImmB, n6, Rabat, Morocco,North African rheumatology imaging expert committee



Rachid Bahiri, Rheumatology department, Al Ayachi hospital, CHU Rabat-Salé, Morocco, North African rheumatology imaging expert committee



Ahmed Laatar, Department of Rheumatology, Mongi Slim hospital, Tunis, Faculty of Medicine of Tunis- University Tunis El Manar- Tunis- Tunisia




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