Management of periprosthetic hip fractures: current status and prospects; experience of the traumatology and orthopedics department of Mohammed VI University Hospital, Marrakech.


Brahim Demnati
El mehdi Boumediane
Fahd Idarrha
Siham Dkhissi
Mohamed Amine Benhima
Imad Abkari
Mohamed Rafai
Mohamed Rahmi


Introduction: The increase in hip arthroplasties predicts a rise in periprosthetic fractures in Morocco, posing challenges for orthopedic surgeons. Therapeutic strategies vary considerably, highlighting the absence of a universally accepted treatment protocol.

Aim: To analyze the management of per-prosthetic hip fractures, while addressing the challenges associated with them.

Methods: This was a retrospective study, conducted in the trauma-orthopedics department between December 2015 and November 2022. Nineteen patients who presented to the hospital with fractures around a hip prosthesis were included.

Result: Nineteen periprosthetic fractures were observed. The majority of patients (68%) were women, with an average age of 68. The Vancouver classification showed that 52.6% of the fractures were type B1, and 21.1% type C, while the other fracture types were distributed differently. These fractures were mainly associated with diagnoses such as femoral neck fracture (63.2%) and coxarthrosis (31.6%).  We observed variations in treatment recommendations and results between the different series analyzed. We noted discrepancies with certain series concerning fracture types and therapeutic choices. However, in our series, we achieved satisfactory results, with successful consolidation and the absence of complications in all patients.

Conclusion: These results underline the importance of an individualized approach to fracture management, taking into account the specificities of each case.



Periprosthetic fracture , total hip replacement, management , care, Vancouver classification , Morocco



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