Sexuality and quality of life of patients operated for Rokitansky syndrome Mayer Kuster Hauser


Khaoula Magdoud
Hassine Saber Abouda
Asma Jellouli
Rim Ben Hmid
Mohamed Badis Chanoufi
Abir Karoui


Introduction: Rokitansky syndrome or Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser (SRKMH) is a rare congenital malformation defined by uterovaginal aplasia. The aim of the treatment is to create a neovagina and restore sexual life. However, postoperative results in terms of sexual and overall quality of life of patients remain controversial.

Aim: To evaluate the quality of life and sexuality of patients operated on for Rokitansky syndrome.

Methods: This was a retrospective and comparative study between two groups of patients. The first group consisted of patients who had undergone vaginoplasty as part of SRKMH. The second group was that of the controls. Control in terms of sexual function by the Ar FSFI (Arab FemaleSexualFunction Index) and quality of life by the SF36 (Short Forms Health Survey) were used in both groups.

Results: The average age of patients operated on for SRKMH was 22.53 years. Eighteen of these patients (60%) were sexually active at the time of the study. Patients operated on for SRKMH had a significantly lower Ar FSFI score compared to the control group. The two areas most affected were lubrication and pain.

  Likewise, patients who underwent vaginoplasty had a significantly lower SF 36 score compared to the control group. The psychological component was the most affected of the different components of quality of life.

Conclusion: Sexual function and quality of life after vaginoplasty in the context of Rokitansky syndrome remains unsatisfactory despite the anatomical result.


Mullerian aplasia , Vaginoplasty, Infertility, Sexuality, Quality of life



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