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La Tunisie Médicale

Published with the support of ministries of Health, Education and  Scientific Research, and Culture.
Organ of the Tunisian society of Medical Sciences and the National Council of the Medical Association of Tunisia
ISSN : 0041-4131
IeSSN : 2724-7031

Adresse :
Rue Malaga, 2092 El Manar 1
Tél. : +216 71 883 775
Fax : +216 71 883 588
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Aim and Scope

La Tunisie Médicale is a monthly medical journal that aims to promote research in health field in Tunisia, the Maghreb and Africa in general.
The journal accepts scientific studies of research and literature reviews in all fields of medical, dental, pharmacological and paramedical health.

Publishing director
Mohamed Ridha CHARFI
Editor-in-Chief Emeritus
Chadli DZIRI
Lilia ZAKHAMA []
Former editors in chief since the 1947
1947-1956 : Maurice UZAN
1957-1959 : André NAHUM
1960-1962 : Chadli TABBANE
1963-1963 : Abdelkrim BETTAIEB
1964-1965 : Zouhair ESSAFI
1966-1967 : Hédi JEDIDI
1968-1972 : Néjib MOURALI
1973-1978 : Rafik BOUKHRIS
1979-1979 : Aziz EL MATRI
1980-1983 : Mohsen Ayed - Hedi Ben Maiz
1984-2002 : Abdelatif CHABBOU
2003-2005 : Habib HAOUALA
2006-2009 : Chadli DZIRI
2009-2011: Samir BOUKTHIR
Deputy Editors
Imed Ben Ghorbel [ ]
Mehdi Ben Khelil [ ]
Editorial board
Ahmed Abdeaziz, Sousse, TN
Aida Berrich, Tunis, TN
Aschraf Chadli, Tunis, TN
Atef Youssef, Tunis, TN
Chebbi Amel, Tunis, TN
Helmi Ben Saad, Sousse TN
Lilia Ben Fatma, Tunis, TN
Mehdi Khalfallah, Tunis, TN
Mouna Mlika, Tunis, TN
Rym Enneifer, Tunis, TN
Rym Rafrafi, Tunis, TN
Talel Badri, Tunis, TN
Zahra Marrakchi, Tunis, TN
Zied Jalali, Tunis, TN

Editorial policy

La Tunisie Médicale adheres to the Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals developed by the ICMJE (International Commettee of Medical Journal Editors)
An article is reviewed for publication on the assumption that its contents have not been submitted simultaneously to another journal, have not been accepted for publication elsewhere and have not already been published; authors will be asked to confirm that this is the case during the electronic submission process.
Research ethics policy
The submitted manuscript must comply with the ethical recommendations of the Declaration of Helsinki. They must have been submitted, if required, either to personal data protection committee or to a national ethics committee.
La Tunisie Médicale applies the appropriate procedures and good practices in terms of conflict of interest and double publication published by COPE "Commettee on publication ethics".

Peer Review Process of La Tunisie Médicale

Each manuscript submitted to the journal is first checked by the secretariat to ensure compliance with authors’ instructions published on the site (references, number of words, structuring of abstracts, number of tables and figures, quality of figures, etc.).
The manuscript may be immediately refused by the editorial board if it does not meet the aim and scope of the journal or does not comply with the editorial and ethical policy of La Tunisie Médicale.
The manuscript is then anonymized and sent by the editor-in-chief to two reviewers who will proceed to a critical review.
The final decision of acceptance, rejection or revision is made by the editor in chief in consultation with the deputy-editor-in-chief concerned.

Duplicate Submission and Publication

Any attempt at dual publication will lead to automatic rejection, may prejudice acceptance of future submissions.
In general, if a manuscript has been peer-reviewed and published, any subsequent publication is duplication. Exceptions to this general rule may be:
a) Prior publication in meeting program abstract booklets or expanded abstracts must be referenced in the final manuscript.
b) A manuscript which extends an original database or which analyzes the original database in a different way in order to prove or disprove a different hypothesis. Previous manuscripts reporting the original database must, however, be referenced.

Fraudulent Publication

The following activities are examples of fraudulent publication practices:
a) Willful and knowing submissions of false data for publication.
b) Submission of data from sources not the author's (or authors') own.
c) Falsely certifying that the submitted work is original and has not been submitted to, or accepted by, another journal.
d) Sponsoring or vouching for a manuscript containing data over which the sponsor has no control or knowledge.
e) Allowing one's name to appear as an author without having contributed significantly to the study.
f) Adding an author's name to a manuscript to which he/she has not contributed or reviewed or agreed to in its current form.
g) Flagrant omission of reference to the work of other investigators which established their priority.
h) Falsification of any item on the copyright form.
i) Failure to disclose potential conflict of interest with a sponsoring agency.
These examples and guidelines should alert authors to potential problems that should be avoided when they are considering submission of a manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal.


All articles in "La Tunisie Medicale", are open access, distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution -NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

Advertising policy

La Tunisie Médicale does not accept advertising on its website

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